Santorini Love Story – Mika and Roy’

Mika and Roy, a lovely young couple from Hong Kong had dreamed about a romantic vacation in the greek islands and specifically Santorini which was a long time dream for both of them and the island that they had decided their wedding ceremony will take place.

Having booked their vacation they began to search into what they could do to make each day even more special. One of their ideas was that they should search into a photographer and videographer to capture their special moment at the Dana villas wedding venue that they had reserved for their special moment.

While researching they came across Studio Phosart that specialize in Professional Photography and Cinematography and are based in Santorini.

Story by Team Phosart

One day we received a request from Mika and Roy from Hong Kong.

Mika and Roy explained what they had in mind for their wedding, how important and special their entire vacation and ceremony was as it would only be the two of them traveling and they wanted something that would remain in their hearts forever.

After exchanging a few emails with Mika and Roy they had a clear idea of all of our services and suggestions we made for them for their special day, in order for it to become even more special through our team”s ideas.

Ww came up with the idea that since it would be just the two of them for 5 days in Santorini we suggested that they could consider a scenario and story for a three day photography and cinematography shoot all over the island.

Mika and Roy loved the idea as in this way the photography and video would cover their wedding ceremony and experience in Santorini.

It would be a love story of their time on our breathtaking island. We immediately began working on their story with them and realized that Roy shared a passion for photography and Video so we decided to try something that we had never tried before. We asked Roy and Mika if they would agree to shooting some scenes with their DSLR camera in HD from their home, city in order to create the first part of the Story with scenes from Hong kong city and their lives up to their plane landing in Santorini that we would would later take and join them with the rest of the scenes from Santorini. Mika and Roy Loved the idea and the shooting began with Roy sending us scenes from the first part of their Story up to to their landing in Santorini were we would be waiting for them to begin the photography and cinematography for their 3 day shoot on the island.

Soon the time came for Mika and Roy’s arrival in Santorini and during the weeks before we met in Santorini we had already become friends, the chemistry between us was amazing and when you see someone everyday through their videos you automatically get to know them so we couldnt wait to meet them in person after so many Skype meetings and emails. So the moment came when Mika and Roy exited the arrival gates of the Santorini airport and we where there waiting to capture the moment they arrived.

Immediately we all left together in our Studio’s vehicle and set towards Dana Villas  were Mika and Roy had reserved their accommodation. This was a very important moment as we were soon to capture their very first moment that they set eyes upon the breathtaking Santorini caldera cliff views and the volcanic island in the center of the caldera bay. On that beautiful afternoon we took Mika and Roy to the central cliffside area of Fira town which is the capital of the island and the main island shopping district hidden in numerous scenic Cycladic traditional paths and countless small shops. There we followed the lovely couple through the paths discreetly allowing them to enjoy their afternoon and do a bit of shopping at the same time. Their walk was followed by a visit to the Fira Old port 200m directly below the Fira cliffside. The old port of Fira was originally the main port of the entire island where all supplies reached the cliffside settlements by donkeys. Today, a guest in Santorini can access the old port by cable car o a traditional donkey ride and from the old port one cane participate in numerous different tours available every day. After a ride on the donkeys all the way up to the Fira cliff side from the Old port, Mika and Roy enjoyed their first magical Santorini Sunset.

The following day was Mika and Roy’s Wedding day.

The day began with Mika’s bridal boudoir photography session in her suite that she wished to offer in a Wedding Album as her special wedding gift to Roy. The day continued with the couples preparations leading up to their magical wedding under the Dana Villas ( curtain canopy during which we all could’nt  help being touched by the romantic and passionate words Mika and Roy exchanged during their personal vows to one another. Once the ceremony concluded we took Mika and Roy on a short walk around the beautiful Firostefani cliff side and then all the way to the little cliffside town of Oia at the north tip of the island for their photo tour and sunset photography session.

The third and final day of the Photography and Cinematography began with an afternoon session around parts of the island and Caldera we have discovered while exploring the island and then to one of the famous Santorini black volcanic beaches were Mika and Roy didn’t hesitate to jump into the water together, in this way compeleting the story of their three day love story and wedding ceremony on Santorini.

There are no words that are enough for us to thank Mika and Roy for the trust they put into our team to capture this special time in their life. It was an honor for us to be able to be there with Mika and Roy and share the unforgettable moments during those three days and help them keep their memories alive through our Photography and Cinematography.

We look forward to seeing you again very soon, hopefully next time in Hong Kong for your next very special moment in life! Thank You for trusting us like friends.

George, Joan, Miltos and Chris – The team of Studio Phosart

Below you can click to see the amazing video of Mika and Roy’s Wedding and Love story in Santorini. This video is very special as it is the first time that studio Phosart has used scenes captured by the couple and combined them with their professional footage into one complete movie.



A few words from Mika and Roy

“We had never thought of having our wedding ceremony overseas before and all began after we saw a wedding short film from Studio Phosart. It was this Team which shows us how we can make our wedding unique, how we can make things in our mind comes true, and the most important is they triggered us to step on the first step to achieve it!

  Having communication with the Team for several times, we exchanged requests and ideas on the working schedule and what we are going to have during the short stay in Santorini. Frankly, we could not be sure about things will happen until we saw the whole Team standing at the arrival hall of Santorini Airport with cameras and the professional gear smiling to us. Then the following days were indeed happy, romantic and relaxing…

  To give top priority to the shooting for our most important moment, we did not plan for any sightseeing on the scheduled shooting days. To our surprise, the Team is really considerate and nice; they knew that it was our first time to visit Santorini and they brought us to the most beautiful and famous spots on the island and allow us to enjoy the breathtaking scenery during the shooting. All happened in the most natural and most relaxing environment, there was neither “NG” nor “please hold…” etc during the few days of shooting, all we heard was “just enjoy yourself”. When you have a look on the outcome, you will realize how quick and accurate they act with cameras.      

  One of our scenarios was on the black beach during sunset. We have to go into water for shooting as scheduled. Honestly, the water was cold and we were shivering. However we finally did it and we believe it was the Trust developed with them. As expected, the outcome is beautiful and we love that much!

  For the short film, we can say nothing about it and we could not find one single word to express our gratitude to Studio Phosart. That was the moment we fully understand their mission “We keep your memories alive!” when we watched the short film for the first time. As we do not have our family and friends with us during the wedding ceremony in Santorini and we could not have another ceremony again when we are back to our city as that would violate the law, this video clip is really really of paramount importance to us as we planned to share our unique moment in Santorini with our relatives and friends during our wedding banquet afterwards. We made the right choice and we believe many many years after we could still re-visit our romantic journey and experience in Santorini with the amazing work from Phosart team.

  Please let us say that again, thank you so much Studio Phosart! “

Photography & Editing – George and Joan Photopoulou

Cinematography & Video Editing – Miltos Photopoulos, Chris Charitidis

Mika and Roy’s Photography

The first day in Santorini (pre-wedding photoshoot)

Sunset at The famous black beach

The big day!!!

The day after




“故事由Team Phosart ”







马上我们都一起离开了我们工作室的车辆,并设置对Dana Villas酒店被米卡和罗伊保留了他们的住处。这是因为我们很快抓住他们,他们在令人惊叹的圣托里尼火山口悬崖的意见,并在火山口海湾中心的火山岛定眼第一时刻一个非常重要的时刻。在那个美丽的下午,我们花了米卡和罗伊Fira镇的中央悬崖区是岛上的首都,主岛商圈隐藏在许多风景优美的基克拉迪传统的路径和无数的小商店。在那里,我们跟着可爱的情侣通过路径谨慎使他们能够享受他们的下午,做了一点购物的同时。他们步行随后参观菲拉老港200米正下方的菲拉悬崖边。费拉的老港原是整个岛的主要港口均供应达到了悬崖边定居点驴。今天客人在圣托里尼岛可以乘缆车和传统的驴骑访问旧港口和从旧端口一个拐杖,每天参与提供许多不同的旅行团。一个骑在驴一路攀升,从老港的菲拉悬崖边后,米卡和罗伊享受他们的第一个神奇的圣托里尼岛日落。





乔治,,琼, Miltos和克里斯 – 工作室Phosart的团队


摄影与编辑 – 乔治和琼Photopoulou

摄影和视频编辑 – Miltos Photopoulos ,克里斯Charitidis

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