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 Just a few weeks ago on the Dana Villas wedding venue Maik proposed to Julianne during the breathtaking Santorini sunset. Maik in the weeks before he and Julianne arrived in Santorini had decided that Santorini was where he would propose so everything was arranged in such a way that Julianne would not notice a thing. On the big day Maik was very nervouse as we had planned the proposal far more in advance than we had know. When he told us the story of how their holiday in Greece and wedding proposal became a reality and how it all started we where amazed and asked Maik to allow us to share their wonderful story.

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Maik and Julianne thank you for your wonderful story!

 I had always known that Julianne wanted to go to Greece. Once I knew that I wanted to marry her, I realized that Greece would make a great location to propose and what better location then the beautiful island of Santorini.

I needed to determine a way to travel to Greece without Julianne being suspicious of the reason of our trip.  If she knew that I was paying for the entire holiday she would definetly believe that something was up.

I had to come up with a plan that would allow no suspicions on her behal what so ever so one day i had an great idea that would definetly work.

I desided to stage a competition through a local greek restaurant that we visiten often and knew the owner well. The competition would seem to be entirely organized by the restaurant and the winner of the competition would would win a holiday in Greece with flights and accommodation all paid for.

After a few days everything was ready so i took Julianne out for a nice Greek dinner at her favorite Greek restaurant.  After enjoying a lovely Greek traditional meal, the restaurant owner announced the competition and they distributed ballots to win a trip for two to Greece to each and every table in the restaurant. 

Julianne and I of course entered the contest, but she did not expect to win as  the restaurant was full that evening and the chances where very small. 

After a lovely dinner we left and never spoke of the contest until about a week later, we received an email from the restaurant owner stating that Maik and Julianne had won the holiday to Greece

(All a false pretense of course).

With the fake contest a success, we began to plan our trip to Greece.

Julianne was beyond happy, she couldnt believe it as it was always her dream to travlel to Greece ans so we began planning for the holiday to come.

Many of Julianne’s friends and family told her that they thought I would propose in Greece.  In an effort to put these thoughts to rest, I pretended that I was not interested in marriage nor engagement any time soon.  This too worked as planned as Julianne did not expect an engagement whatsoever nor was anything ever discussed between us.

And so after so many months the big day had arrived in Santorini and Dana Villas

Overall I couldn’t have picked a better location for the proposal then Dana Villas. The location/scenery was beautiful and all of the Staff were very helpful right from the day of checking in to check out including the proposal. I would recommend the hotel to all of my family/friends and Julianne and I will defiantly be going back in the future

Thanks for everything, I am forever in your debt.



Dear Maik and Julian, congratulation on your engagement. It is an honor for us that you chose our hotel for this very special moment in your lives. We wish you all the happiness in the world and hope to see you soon again in the near future on our beautiful island.




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