Backstage photography of Melissa and Brent’s wedding day

There is always a lot of effort, care and fun that goes into preparing a special wedding day looking at the backstage of the day. Many of the preparations,  fun moments and care that goes into having everything perfect before and during the wedding are usually not captured by the camera so we hope you enjoy a little backstage story of a beautiful day, Melissa and Brent’s special wedding day in Santorini



Wedding planners – Maria Sila & Kirsty Smith from Divine weddings in Santorini



Wedding planners – Maria Sila & Kirsty Smith from Divine weddings in Santorini

Kirsty Smith from Divine weddings has arrived quite earlier at the Dana Villas wedding terrace and has just placed the flower centerpiece on the central marble table. Kirsty takes great care always in placing the decorative items for a wedding and also tries to hide from the camera at every opportunity she gets 🙂

Carefully and one by one Maria and Kirsty hang decorative small candle lanterns and crystals around the wedding curtain canopy.

Since everyone has arrived quite earlier there is time for a nice frozen coffee in the Santorini sun. Gianni Spourdoulas from the Dana Villas weddings team captures a photo of himself with Kirsty and Maria during what was supposed to be for them a few shot relaxing minutes but their mobile phones will not stop ringing!!!

Maria is still on her phone trying to hang up so she can have just a few minutes of quietness and enjoy her Freddo Cappuccino.

You can always tell when the registrar from the Santorini town hall has arrived as he always places his two books on the central marble table. The red book below is the official book that Melissa and Brent will sign one the ceremony has concluded and is used to verify their wedding officially and to issue their marriage license. The thin black book on top contains their official vows that they will exchange during their ceremony.

Yellow and Red roses are the colors Melissa has chosen for her wedding day displayed centrally on the marble table in a two tier centerpiece style elegant and simple. The girls have also added a stylish candle holder to add a vintage style along with the shiny ivory colored table runner.

Kisrty always cheerful and full of positive energy is happy with the decorations and floral creations and her coffee 🙂

Maria and Kirsty have also brought with them their red Carpet to add style to the Vintage and classic theme they had discussed with Melissa and Brent from their wedding day. carpet begins from the venue’s entrance and finishes where the lovely couple will take their position and the ceremony will begin.

Maria grabs the camera and asks for Gianni and Kirsty to smile for a quick photo in front of the beautiful caldera cliff side.

Kisty just got the phone call from Olaf and very soon will be leaving the wedding terrace to meet with Melissa and Brent on their way back from Imerovigli with Photographer Olaf Reinen that had taken them on their photo tour of the cliff side.

In the summer time the majority of days are slightly hazy in the far distance but some days as crystal clear as the one on Melissa and Brent’s wedding day are very hard to forget. Clear days like this offer amazing photography opportunities and breathtaking sunsets.

Maria grab’s a chair to reach the crystal decorations and adjusts some last details in the few minutes remaining.

Maria…smile for the camera!!!

Kostas Georgantzoglou the couples videographer Just arrived and is quickly setting up his equipment not to loose a single moment. Kosta also always takes scenes with the wedding venue empty and detailed footage of the decorations prior the ceremony to use them for when he edits the wedding video. In the photo he is doing close ups of the decorations.

In this photo Kosta just saw that we are secretly shooting photos of him and is laughing.

Maria asking Olaf (discreetly) if he wants a glass of Champagne
…Of course he does!!!

Olaf is capturing every moment of the couple’s happiness

Melissa and Brent had requested Doves for them to let fly in the horizon during the sunset. Due to the friendship Maria and Kirsty had with the lovely couple they decided to play a small joke on them and before the wedding they asked us here at Dana to hide the real doves so when the time came for the doves they gave Melissa and Brent fake ones of the same size 🙂

Kirsty could not Help but start Laughing and so did Melissa and Brent although Brent did say when Kirsty was approaching that “There is something seriously wrong with that dove” and that was when Kirsty started Laughing.

…SO then Kirsty asked maria to bring the real one and Maria also brought the second fake one also laughing

Then of course we brought the real doves out and they where given to Melissa and Brent to release.

Just checking if the doves are real this time!!!

Melissa and Brent turn towards the sunset and get ready to let the doves go into the sky.

Melissa and Brent release the doves during the sunset into the sky and watch them fly away free over the breathtaking Caldera

One of the many cruise ships in Bay starts the engines to slowly depart after the sunset to the next island destination

Melissa and Brent enjoy their first Romantic Dance to their favorite song and Olaf is quick to capture the lovely moment.

Kosta as a well experienced videographer is constantly moving discreetly around the venue capturing every special moment of Melissa and Brent’s wedding day

Its Champagne Time and Giannis Pops the Bottle towards the Caldera so he doesn’t accidental launch the cork towards someone!

A short high wind for a few seconds moves the crystals and hanging small lanterns from their place so instantly Maria and Kirsty within seconds have moved them back into position.

The magical thing about the Santorini sunset is that every sunset is different, a different shadow, a different cloud, different colors that affect the scenery too. This is why it is impossible to get used to to it as every day it is simply more breathtaking than the day before.

Olaf has taken Melissa and Brent for a short photo session around the Firostefani cliff side and Maria with attend to the decorations in order to light up all the candles for the couples return to the venue in a short while.

Kirsty and Maria from Divine weddings in Santorini – Santorini Wedding consultants

Videographer Kosta Georgatzoglou, always smiling stops for a short photo before he follows Olaf and the couple on their sunset photo session.

Achilles is Melissa and Brent’s private limousine driver that has arrived earlier to the venue as in a short while the couple will be ready to leave with him for their dinner reservations later in the evening. Achilles is talking with Panos Salapatas the wedding representative of Dana Villas and as usual they are talking about soccer scores. Panos is surprised with the Camera by Giannis as he is almost never in a photo.

Maria and Kirsty are great friends with Achilles as he is maybe one of the funnest people to be around so they decide to take a few funny photos with him as it is the last day in the season that they will see him.

Even Kosta that is daily around the cliff side areas and has see 100w of Santorini sunsets is always amazed at the beauty of the scenery and always turns towards the horizon to capture mother nature at her best.

Melissa and Brent have returned from their photo session and just before they leave for their wedding dinner reservations they light up a sky lantern and launch it into the beautiful sky for it to float away into the horizon. The short high winds have died out completely giving the perfect wind conditions for a sky lantern to float away smoothly.

Melissa and Brent have just left the wedding Venue with Achilles and are off to their romantic candlelit dinner at the restaurant of their choice. Maria is escorting them up to the main road where their private transfer is waiting and Kirsty is at the terrace curtain gazebo attending to the taking down of the decorations.

All the decorations have been taken down and Kirsty, Panos and Olaf begin laughing because Olaf did most of the work!!!!

Kirsty is just checking in case she forgot anything.

Maria has just returned making after making sure that Melissa and Brent’s plans for the evening are perfectly on time and is helping Kirsty with the last decorations that need to be put away.

The beautiful thing about the Santorini sky after a crystal clear sunset is the colors that shoot into the night horizon sky in shades of purple, red, orange and yellow that you can not help but just stare at amazed.

A beautiful day has come to an end with one of the best horizons seen all summer and 4 cruise ships lighten up and still in the bay decorating the caldera waters. This is the last time this season that Kirsty and Maria along with Kosta will visit the Dana Wedding venue so they decide to stay a while more with Panos and Gianni from the Dana team and enjoy a nice drink overlooking the Spectacular caldera skies .


Wedding planners – Maria Sila & Kirsty Smith from Divine weddings in Santorini



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