Red Bull Art of Motion (parkour) Event in Dana Villas – Santorini – Training for the big event

Its one day before the big event and all the athletes are here in Santorini. The red bull event team has briefed each athlete thoroughly in regards to the rules the track and on safety. The Athletes quickly spread towards all directions and start practicing their stunts and get accustomed to the difficulties of the track.

The unique difference between the selected track in Dana Villas and the up to now parkour events is that Firostefani is a natural parkour stage that at the same time is a traditional settlement where up to now all parkour stages have been set up from scratch to meet all safety regulations. Firostefani is also of is shaped similar to a natural amphitheater meaning that above the track 1000s of guests can gather with in direct view of the track.

The athletes soon realize that the track is nothing like they have experienced before as each corner poses a danger and makes their usual stunts even harder to perform. Some of the athletes have very minor injuries that they overcome in a matter of minutes as they are eager to perform their best and train hard to compete in tomorrow’s big event.

After a while they feel like home and their somersaults, leaps and confidence improves as we can clearly see that each athlete has personalized his style, track course and moves. Soon guests accommodated in the neighboring area have realized that something unusual is going on and gather to see training Parkour athletes already giving off a spectacular Art of Motion Red bull show.

The photos following are from their training day

dangerous leap

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