“Santorini Time Lapse” Video by Studio Phosart (Featuring the 2011 Eclipse of the full moon visible from Santorini)

During their every visit to Santorini Studio Phosart would spend their little free time focusing on on another passion they have which is Time Lapse photography. Santorini and the breathtaking island scenery is one of the most spectacular locations in the world for this type of Photography.
Time Lapse photography is an art of 1000’s of photos taken with an interval of a preselected time that could be from a few seconds to minutes apart from a steady point and then these photos are edited and each becomes a single frame in a video where a second of video time can contain anywhere from 20-50 frames. The result seems to speed up time and offers a spectacular result.

The video below by MIltos Fotopoulos from Studio Phosart is a combination of time lapse sequences that when gathered together from many visits to the island over the past year. An extraordinary result with a variety of Santorini locations and weather formations.

An amazing feature within this Video is the spectacular and breathtaking eclipse of the full moon over the Santorini Caldera

Thank you Milto for sharing your personal work with us.

Created by Miltos Fotopoulos Studio Phosart Athens

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