Santorini TimeLapse Videos

Our Timelapse video collection of the Santorini beautiful scenery

Santorini island in Greece is mostly famous for its breathtaking sunsets and scenery. Guests from all over the world travel to our caldera to see what our unique island has to offer … the scenic caldera and volcano views that set the scene for amazing sunsets and unique colors in the sky. The beauty of the caldera views are that there are no two days alike and each day has a unique view. The caldera bay or also known as the volcanic crater bay on a daily basis for the majority of the summer days welcomes numerous cruise ships that decorate our bay’s waters.
It is sometimes hard to imagine what all these different views, ships, clouds and everything else the caldera has to offer would look like if we could fats forward them and put it all together into a few minutes and create a short video of the beauty of the Santorini views….

[huzzaz id=”santorini-time-lapse-videos” vpp=”12″ height=”750″]

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