Volcano Festival Fireworks Show

The IFESTIA or also known as The Volcanic santorini fireworks show is the islan’s biggest festival in Santorini and takes place every year in August. The breathtaking show is an annual celebration not to be missed. A day all the island’s guests gather around the cliff side to watch the celebration and boats gather around the volcanic island from all the islands of our region to watch this spectacular display. The first explosions are heard and the first fireworks a launched. Following for the next hour a massive display of fireworks follows with explosions that can be heard up to many miles away and bounce around the cliff faces surrounding the 85 square mile caldera bay area. Apart from the Fireworks an impressive lava simulation effect took place that resembled a live volcano.

[huzzaz id=”annual-volcano-fireworks-festival” vpp=”12″ height=”750″]

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