Shannan & Bryan’s Santorini Dream Wedding

Shannan & Bryan it was an honor to have you in Dana Villas for the most important Day in your lives and for us to be also a part of this moment. May your Love last forever and each and every day for the rest of your lives may you look into each other’s eyes as you did this very special day.

Anna Roussos photographer and Xavier Roussos Videographer had spent many weeks in contact with Shannan and Brian to organize their perfect day as Anna and Xavier where to be with them from early that day during their preparation, Photo session all over Santorini and their wedding ceremony later on that day on the Dana Villas Wedding terrace. The story below is written by Anna Roussos and tells of Shannan and Bryan’s Santorini Dream wedding and tells of her experience with them and the wonderful story of their beautiful day together.

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Anna and Xavier thank you so much for allowing Dana Villas to use your beautiful story

By Anna Roussos
Shannan and Bryan: young, beautiful, in love and getting married in Santorini! What can be more romantic than that?!
First of all I was overwhelmed, when Shannan told me that they will change their wedding date, because we were already booked. It happened to me several times before, but each time it makes me feel the happiest to know that people like my work that much 😉

So because of us their wedding was scheduled next day after their arrival to Santorini!!(please notice Shannan and Bryan came from USA!) And I was very worried that they will be tired or jet lagged…but relaxing session of massage early in the morning did great job, they both looked stunning!

Can you imagine, yesterday you were at home and today you are getting married on the one of the most beautiful islands in the world-Santorini?! Unbelievable!
Both of them were very calm all morning during the preparation and afterwards we had a lot of fun driving around the island and visiting breathtaking locations! We were having photo session and video shooting, so very soon I will be happy to share wedding video of this beautiful couple!
To tell you the truth, time passed by so quickly, so we came back to the hotel for little break just 30 min before the ceremony;)) And here more fun comes! I don’t know who had this fabulous idea to go to the ceremony location on the donkeys, but it was absolutely GREAT! I think Bryan got the best part of it, because his donkey jumped couple of times while going down the stairs;) truly unforgettable experience!

Bryan arrived to the ceremony location(Dana Villas) first and then Shannan. Instead of the alley she had several stairs to walk down and I was taking pictures of her at the meantime. Already there I saw that her eyes were shining so much! It was tears of happiness! This moment was absolutely magical, she walked down to Bryan with huge smile, they hold each other hands and sunlight was so perfect at this time… Shannan was ready to cry and she couldn’t hold it anymore, I saw Bryan was trying not to cry…but I think at the moment of such happiness all emotions must be expressed and they were 😉

Shanna and Bryan, I want to thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with us, we are so happy for you! More than it, I am officially your witness, don’t forget that! That was another surprise prepared by Panos (great manager of Dana Villas, this person deserves another story!). I am always witnessing taking pictures of many-many weddings, but it never happened to me to be an official witness! And now I am witness of Shannan’s and Bryan’s Wedding!!!
I wish you to be IN LOVE FOREVER! and my favorite golden rule of marriage: Happy Wife=Happy Life!! (Bryan, that is for you ;)))
Thank you for everything!
Anna Roussos

Professional Photography by Anna Roussos
Videography By Xavier Roussos

  • Sazzad - I was so excited to see this wedding! Looks like you had a great time and I just love how they glow and radiate love. You did an amazing job.ReplyCancel

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