Santorini Weather

Another Golden Sunset Reflecting ont to the sea lighting up the entire Sky with Orange and yellow colors.

Fog Clouds droping into the caldera bay over the cliffside towns. In this photo the cloud has covered Firostefani and is diving into the Bay waters

Some days are so clear you feel that you can reach out and touch the Ships. In the photo in the far distance are visible the islands of Folegandros and Milos that are over 70miles away

Photo taken from Imerovigli. This fog has moved into the volcanic bay and is slowly covering up the cruise ships that are barely still visible.

Photo of Imerovigli taken from Oia. The light of the town lighten up the thin cloud passing over the town’s peak.

This photo was taken from the Monastery of Profitis Elias which it the tallest island peak at 680m (2250Ft). The clouds are forced to climb the cliffside of the entire island leaving untouched only the tallest peaks of the Island. The Closest peak is the Town of Pyrgos and to the distance still visible are Firostefani , Imerovigli and the Skaros rock peak.

Thin fog on the cladera bay water surface is puched up the Volcanic island (nea Kammeni) by the west winds. In the distance bahild the Imerovigli traditional town is visible

The clouds in this photo are flowing from the right (East) to the left (West). The amazing thing about this weather phenomenon is that the cloud when they reach the caldera cliff side they fall into the bay like small waterfalls.

When the sun sets behind thick dark clouds it appears through the cracks shooting its rays in various directions

Sunsets like this are visible after mid september. Golden yellow and orange colors that occupy the sky reflect on to the caldera bay waters. On days like this the colors are so intense that even the all the white washed caldera houses take an orange shade.

A Very rare sky when after the sunset the clouds are colored ren from the darkening rays of the sun still lighting them at a high their high altitude.

Another purple sky shot from the west Oia tip towards the Oia castle and south Santorini. On top of the castle travellers that have gathered to watch the amazing sunset are visible

The purple colors in the sky appear on just a few days during the year and are created by the colors the sun shoots into the sky above just a few minutes after it has disspeard behind the Aegean horizon

Golden sunsets behind thin layers of clouds create picture perfect skies that reflect onto the caldera bay waters

Cloud waves of purple, yellow, orange and blue colors move west over the cliffside town of Oia

Magenta colored horizons with touches of yellow from the sun setting behind them

Bright yellow and orange sunsets behind scattered layers of clouds light them up to the colors of the sunset

A beautiful Sunset in the horizon behind Thirassia on a windy day. Scattered clouds decorate the sky with the sun light lighting up cloud tips.

Photo taken from the Messaria caldera area looking North. Clouds pushed by West winds are climbing of the cliffs and moving East over the ilsand

On some summer mornings layers of clouds at low altitudes move past our island offering spectacular photography chances.

One a few rare days of the year thick surface fog moves into the caldera. Sometimes the fog is up to 200m thick and the cliffside towns look like they are above the clouds.

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