1. Our Wedding Venue for 2016

Dear Guests,

Greetings from  Dana Villas and thank you for your interest in our wedding venue for your wedding day in 2016.

Dana Villas weddings Venue (9)

Due to the fact that Dana Villas Weddings does not provide wedding planning and coordinating services you will need the assistance of one of the many professional and experienced wedding planners that cooperate with us.
If you do need some recommendations for wedding planners that cooperate with Dana Villas and are preferred by us due to their experience and professionalism we would be more than glad to make some general recommendations but please always keep in mind that every wedding planner works slightly differently and offers different services, terms, packages, tailor made or customized weddings so if you are clear on what you are looking for then we are sure you will choose the planner that is perfect for you and whom with your will have a wonderful communication with.

Inclusions with our wedding Venue

– Unobstructed panoramic views of the caldera, volcanic island, caldera bay and sunset

– Full fabric decorations – 8 curtains and head curtain decorating the central canopy, – White table runner on request,

– Pillows and cushions for the 2 corner sofas, 8 white lanterns of various sizes with candles, candles are lit up once the sun has set

– Bridal room is free of charge for a use of 30minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony. Our bridal room is equipped with A/C, full length mirror, sofa, WC with shower, complimentary refreshment.

– Built in Surround sound system, (compatible with mp3 and any music pod device or portable media player) If you wish specific songs to be prepared by us in a preferred order us we need to know 2 days before the ceremony and we will prepare your playlist and play the songs in the exact preferred order you have requested. You are most welcome to hand over to us your iPod or pod device containing the needed music for the entire 2 hours and we will make sure that your music is played as you have requested.

– Live Streaming: With our discreet HD camera hidden within our central curtain canopy we offer you to share your wedding day directly with your friends and family members that could not be in Santorini to share your special day with you so through live streaming they can be with you. Our live streaming camera can be also connected to a laptop you may bring to use your personal account on a live video program (eg. Skype). Or the live streaming can be sent through our hotel’s server using a wide variety of programs that may be convenient for your friends and family that will watch from other countries.(please always advise in advance the convenient software program that you may have in mind in order for us to be prepared in advance)

– Chairs for your guests: Chairs with white wedding covers are free of Charge for the total amount of your guests

– Parasols/personal sun umbrellas. Due to the increased heat during the day and early afternoon we can provide upon request white discreet parasols (at no extra charge). The parasols are in harmony with the wedding venue’s architecture and style and protect from the case of a day with intense sun and heat. The parasols are handed back to our staff upon departure from our wedding venue. Up to 24 are available.

– Waiter Service from the hotel regarding any beverages and cake (Number of waiters depend on the total number of guests and the service needs of your wedding ceremony)

– Glasses for Water, champagne and wine, cake plates, cake stand and silverware are provided by Dana Villas. Glass types will depend on the type of beverages you have ordered.

– Unlimited glasses of bottled water provided by Dana Villas before & during the time of the wedding venue rental. Due to the fact that your guests may start to arrive 30minutes before your wedding ceremony we will offer each entering guests a glass of water as a welcome drink a specific welcome beverage has not been ordered

– Set up time is always required for your wedding planners to transform our wedding venue into as you have imagined, we provide an extra hour prior to the ceremony for your wedding planner to have enough time for all your decorations and wedding inclusions.

– The arrival of your guests. The doors of our wedding venue will open to welcome your guests 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony to enjoy a glass of water or your preferred welcome drink. This 30minute period is free of charge as the Venue’s rental fee will begin at the time your ceremony is scheduled to begin.


Confirming the wedding terrace for your wedding Date and Time


Confirming your selected date and time:

In order for a reservation for our wedding venue to be confirmed we require a non refundable deposit of 50% of the location fee.

Final Confirmation:

The rest 50% of the location fee must be deposited up to 90 days prior to your ceremony date as a reconfirmation.  In the case that this does not take place until 90days prior to your wedding ceremony date without prior notice your reserved date and time will be released.

Extra Inclusions : 

It is only natural that 90 days prior to your wedding ceremony you may have not concluded with all the wedding inclusions that you may wish to have so extra inclusions (beverages, open bar packages, welcome drinks etc…)  can be settled and prepaid up to 21 days prior to your wedding ceremony.

General Cancellation Policy:

In the case of a cancellation between the date of the wedding date confirmation and 90 days prior to your wedding ceremony date the deposited 50%  of the location fee will be kept as cancellation fees.

In the case of a cancellation from 89 days prior to your wedding ceremony date and until the wedding date the entire location fee will be the cancellation fee.

Extra inclusions Cancellation Policy :

In reference to any deposits for beverages, finger food, alcoholic beverages. Deposits for extra inclusions will be refunded if they have been prepaid up to 21 days prior to your wedding ceremony date.

If a cancellation will take place between 20 days and until your wedding ceremony date any deposits made will be held as cancellation fees


Terms and Policies

–          Extra hours: The rental fee applies to a total of 2 hours with the above mentioned inclusions. The rental fee does not change if the total time you or your guests remain on the wedding venue is less than 2 hours

–         Maximum number of Guests

The maximum number guests is a total of 24


Other Policies

– Fireworks are permitted as long as they are launched by a certified expert and must be in line with all legal safety laws and regulations applied to explosive fireworks handling and launching. Due to the to the unique conditions of the cliff side area of Firostefani winds of curtain directions may cause difficulty in launching them and may increase the risk of danger so the professional Fireworks professional in rare cases due to high winds or dangerous wind directions may not be able to launch them for safety reasons. This is in very rare cases but must me mentioned in the rare case that fireworks cannot be launched.

–          Beverages brought from outside Dana Villas:

Beverages bought from outside Dana Villas are not permitted to be consumed without a corkage fee.